While designing Jambo, we talked to a lot of industry, government and sustainability  professionals to find out what challenges they were facing in their stakeholder engagement management efforts. It became clear that the administrative burden associated with logging, tracking and reporting stakeholder engagement information is a struggle. 

Today, stakeholder professionals are often wearing multiple hats and taking on a variety of roles and responsibilities, which means they’re extra busy and don’t feel like there’s enough time in the day. 

In this blog, we’ve highlighted some of the ways our Stakeholder Relationship Management software (SRM), Jambo, helps users to save time, increase efficiency and improve stakeholder engagement management practices (not sure what an SRM does? Check out our comprehensive guide!).

Tags to Track Relevant Data

With Jambo, you can add tags to any of your information to help track relevant data like keywords, trends or useful qualifiers. 

With Jambo tags, you can: 
  • Effortlessly track any trends you and your team are interested in following 
  • Simplify searching through stakeholder engagement or contact records by quickly adding important keywords as tags   
  • Easily report on your chosen tags to help better track your data and gain useful insights 

Run Reports in Minutes

Whether your reports are required by regulatorsinternal policy, or for you and your team to learn about your stakeholders, they hold valuable information. 

With Jambo reports, you can: 
  • Run comprehensive reports in minutes 
  • Better organize your data topull easy-to-understand insights 
  • Reveal trends or patterns in your engagement data 
  • Run reports that assemble your attachments (i.e. audio, images and documents)and connect them to stakeholder engagement records 

Contacts Simplified

Stakeholder contact can be varied and numerous, so making sure they are organized is crucial

Stakeholder contacts can be varied and numerous, so making sure they are organized and searchable is crucial. 

With Jambo, there’s a simple contact entry system that allows you to enter consistent contact information. This contact information is easily searchable and straightforward to understand. 

With Jambo’s contact organization, you can: 
  • Save contacts for use across all your projects 
  • Associate multiple organizations and roles for a single contact 
  • Quickly see if you’ve communicated with your contacts in a way that best matches their role at the moment you engaged 
  • Open contact profiles to view afull history of engagement, which keeps you better prepared for stakeholder meetings,so you don’t get blindsided again 

Unique Workflows Designed for Managing Stakeholder Information

Jambo’sunique workflows help to make your input process faster and more accurate by anticipating your needs and keeping your information at your fingertips.Jambo helps automatically suggest and associate records to reduce data entry for your team.  

With Jambo’sunique workflows: 
  • Your stakeholder information is accessible and well organized 
  • Stakeholder records such as communications, issues, commitments and tasks can automatically interconnect 
  • The software is easy to use with minimal trainingand allow users to focus on capturing the engagement vs thinking about where information should be stored 

Mobile and Email Capabilities

Two more Jambo features that we love and that help you save time are Project Emails and Jambo's mobile responsive design. 

These features mean, you can: 
  • Log email communications to a specific project with stakeholders automaticallyvia CC/BCC/FWD 
  • Utilize the system logic that will translate emails into records of consultation and keep any attachments intact 
  • Access the software while you’re on-the-go 
  • Input data quickly and efficiently with voice to textfunctionality 


Jambo's goal is to ensure you can easily input your data and quickly pull valuable information when it's needed

We’ve designed Jambo so that all your stakeholder information connects and works together for fluidity and ease. 

Our goal is to ensure you can easily input your data and quickly pull valuable information when its needed. Jambo helps you to free up time, allowing you to focus on the variety of other tasks at hand, while also improving your stakeholder engagement management efforts.  

Are you ready to save time and become a stakeholder engagement champion? Book a 15-minute call with a Jambo expert to get started!


Publié par Britney Blomquist January 30, 2020

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